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Goat Simulator

Great promotional trailer for a fun game that launches on April 1st (potentially, you always have to be careful with that date).

They’ve developed a game which looks fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. They have even said they won’t be fixing the ‘funny’ bugs with the game, only the ones that cause the game to crash.

More game development should be like this. Watch the trailer. It’s a thing of beauty.




Pepsi Bus Shelter

Pepsi took over an ordinary bus shelter in London and rigged it up to display ‘unbelievable events’ as if they were happening at the end of the shelter. It’s a very clever use of technology and makes for a great PR stunt.

They also rigged up a camera to the back, so for the majority of the time what was on the screen was consistent with what was happening on the street,

I was skeptical about how realistic some of the images could actually be, but one guy actually gets up when the tiger runs towards him.




Read 600 words per minute with Spritz

This is some genuinely revolutionary technology.

Spritz allows you to read at a much faster pace than normal, to the rate that you could potentially read a novel in a couple of hours.

The implications for reading emails, articles, books and documentation could be huge. I’ve tried out the example on their site and 600 words per minute is just about readable for me, but I’m sure I could go faster with more practice.


The software changes the way you read text, which is traditionally time consuming because you have to read from word to word, tracking as you go. Spritz streams text one word at a time and enhances readability by directing your eyes to the part of a word that’s most important.

Lots of exciting potential for this technology, especially since it works well on smartphones and smaller screens. You’d only need a really tiny screen to read a whole book in a very short space of time.


4 things you can buy for $19 billion

$19 billion is a lot of money. But what could the guys at Facebook have spent the money on instead?

10 trips to the moon

Not only could they get 20 employees to the moon on 10 separate trips, they could also add a moon walk to the trip and still come in under budget.


A small airforce

The F-35C Lightning II comes in at around $200m, meaning they could pick up 95 of these cutting edge aircraft. Presumably they’d get some kind of bulk discount that takes them up to 100.



Well, for a year at least. Jamaica’s GDP is around $14 billion. You could spend the change on say, Barbados. The Caribbean islands would provide a relaxing retreat for hardworking Facebook employees.


Floor seats at the game

Based on the latest data from Forbes, you could buy Manchester United, Real Madrid, The Yankees, The Dallas Cowboys, The Ferrari F1 team, The LA Lakers, The Red Sox and Barcelona and still have enough money to fly around the world to make use of the best seats at every game.



Babolat Play – Connected Tennis Racket

This is a great idea from Babolat.

They’ve taken the tried-and-tested approach to collecting data used by lots of running and cycling apps and re-packaged it in a way that’s useful for tennis.

The app offers to ‘Analyze all aspects of your game’ and comes with a $399 price tag, although Babolat rackets are already at the higher end of the market.

Take a look at the video: