KEECKER – The World’s First HomePod

Kickstarter is hosting a new campaign for a wireless digital content projector.

KEECKER has a 360 degree camera and audio/video projection, meaning you can use it anywhere in the house and turn any surface in to a screen.

They’ve made the main module mobile, so although it’s quite large you can move it around the house with you.

keecker_image2 2

You can control KEECKER via smartphone apps and over your wifi, meaning you can use it to project content stored elsewhere on to any surface or in to any room or area.

You can even use it to keep an eye on things when you’re at home, setting up cameras and motion detectors that provide updates and alerts to your smartphone.

keecker_image 2

The project has just reached it’s $100k funding goal so should be available from April 2015.

It’s priced at just under $2,000 at the moment but hopefully demand and adoption should bring the price down in future.

Famous Outfits – An Overnight Success

An interesting and well written breakdown of a website launch from idea to execution and feedback to iteration.

They talk through the idea generation process, looking for domains and simple wireframing before spending a few days building a simple site.

It shows that these types of personal projects don’t need to be huge, time-consuming coding or design efforts that never actually get finished.

They pushed the site through some places that turned out to be great traffic sources because that traffic also gave valuable feedback that they were able to action quickly.

They also talk through their approach to UX and responsive design:

“We knew the UX had to be equally as good on a mobile device as it would be on a desktop”

They launched with a simple, first shot site just to get something out. No worrying about posting on Hacker News before it was complete or waiting for the perfect site to launch.

All too often people spend months building on an idea or developing a site that nobody is interested in. This is a great approach that minimises the time spent on the project but produces something people can feed back on.

Giraffes Can Swim

It would appear we have reached the point at which most of the worlds most serious problems have been solved. Now scientists have turned their attention to other pressing matters, such as:

“Predicting the buoyancy, equilibrium and potential swimming ability of giraffes by computational analysis”

It’s amazing what questions you can answer with data and a little computer modelling. There’s a genuinely fascinating article, which asks the following:

“Does this have any implications whatsoever for anything?”

The fact that this research has answered one of sciences biggest questions serves as both the inspiration and the name for this blog.

Giraffes Can Swim will provide a hub for random things that I find interesting.