KEECKER – The World’s First HomePod

Kickstarter is hosting a new campaign for a wireless digital content projector.

KEECKER has a 360 degree camera and audio/video projection, meaning you can use it anywhere in the house and turn any surface in to a screen.

They’ve made the main module mobile, so although it’s quite large you can move it around the house with you.

keecker_image2 2

You can control KEECKER via smartphone apps and over your wifi, meaning you can use it to project content stored elsewhere on to any surface or in to any room or area.

You can even use it to keep an eye on things when you’re at home, setting up cameras and motion detectors that provide updates and alerts to your smartphone.

keecker_image 2

The project has just reached it’s $100k funding goal so should be available from April 2015.

It’s priced at just under $2,000 at the moment but hopefully demand and adoption should bring the price down in future.

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